Waves Magazine

Waves is a magazine concept dedicated to sustainable lifestyles. The entire magazine, from the articles to the design to the choice of paper, is linked to environmental and social sustainability.


The design utilizes a collage technique rather than typical full-page images to avoid wasting ink. The font chosen for the body copy is Akzidenz Grotesk, a sans serif with a modern feel meant to deliver contemporary messages to a vast target audience (all sexes between the age of 20-50 years old). The color palette is made of six main colors: an orange-red, a dark yellow, a bright light blue, a light green, black, and white. The magazine is printed on recycled paper and is highly textured to deliver the feeling of being handmade sustainability conscious.

There are three departments in the magazine: Veggie Power, Future Living and Make an Impact.

Veggie Power shares tips and tricks with the reader in order to help them maintain a vegetarian or vegan diet by proposing recipes and meal-kit delivery services that are veggie-friendly. Future Living is dedicated to articles about technological innovations and products that create a more sustainable world (i.e. monitors that help the health of your eyes or air quality trackers). Make an Impact provides readers with ideas on how to improve the environment through small, everyday gestures, (i.e. cultivating your own salad garden or adopting a farm animal).

Some other spreads show a catalog created with the collage technique and some of the feature wells, different from each other, but still with a consistent look and feel that deliver a message of modern revolution and social activism.