All G

All G, short for All Good, is a party series intended for the clubbing scene of Los Angeles and inspired by the hip musical trends of California.

Millennials always find a good reason to party and think weekends are for kids...yet the real party is on Wednesdays. It’s only good vibes on Wednesdays - no drama, no stress, no problems. All G is fun, sexy, underground, and hip. It’s where the cool kids go. Looking as good as the Californian festivals, sounding better than a European club. 

This project explores the branding from flyers to posters, to merchandise, record graphics, badges, and maps. The elements used are handmade and resemble of the surf and skate subculture graphics typically associated with underground and youthful California culture. The color palette created is fresh and allows various combinations, using black, white, pink, light blue, and yellow.