Gentle Beasts

A series of three patterns used to dress three backlit boxes placed inside the Fidenza Village Shopping Outlet during the 2012 Christmas season. The patterns have been also used to produce wrapping paper and greeting cards to be sold inside the Fidenza Village.

The inspiration comes from the Art Decò style, combining geometric textures and animal decorations. Three animals are represented: the octopus symbol of the water kingdom, the deer symbol of the land kingdom, and the owl symbol of the air kingdom. All three are animals that live in cold environments, a choice that lets the graphics be better assimilated by the winter context. The artwork has been greatly appreciated by kids, great lovers of animals, and protagonists of the Christmastide.​​​​​​​

“I fear the animals regard man as a being like themselves, seriously endangered by the loss of sound animal understanding; they regard him perhaps as the absurd animal, the laughing animal, the crying animal, the unfortunate animal.” - Friedrich Nietzsche